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Operational Excellence

Managing a business has become more complex over the last few years given the demand for quality employees, increasing prices and a rapidly changing technological environment. In order to be an effective and competitive business, leaders have to be more agile than ever. One way to stay ahead of the competition and to truly maximize operational efficiency is to implement the Operational Excellence management approach. 

Operational Excellence goes beyond the processes and bottom line of a business. It’s an approach that allows leaders to make better decisions using an iterative process. It also gets the buy-in of all team members, not just the leaders, ultimately to achieve the overall business objectives. 

At OpEx Process Consulting, we have decades of experience where we’ve been successful in initiating change among all departments, improving cross-department communication, and achieving agility company-wide. 

Our methodologies, training, and coaching have proven to be effective in creating more value for the customer while creating a sense of purpose among teams – all improving the bottom-line.

Client Praise

Jean, thank you for your awesome facilitation! The “Play Ball” workshop is a brilliant way to prepare team members to be effective in process improvement quickly. Jean continues to be a valuable asset as she facilitates initiatives identified during the session. Jean has a wonderful combination of technical operations skill and people understanding. I highly recommend her to help you address your operations challenges! 

Shawn W.


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Leadership Coaching

At Opex Process Consulting, our Leadership Coaching is not what may come to mind first when you hear that term. It’s not about helping a person develop themselves to achieve a career goal or start a second career. 

Our Leadership Coaching is about the processes. When you work with us, coaching will take 1 of 2 directions.

  1. Process First. We will begin by evaluating a process that isn’t working or that needs to be tweaked. Then, we will determine how your own beliefs, behaviors, and leadership style is preventing that process from being better. Then, we will individually coach you around what we find so that the process works best and so that you and the process are received better by your team.
  2. Person First. We will begin with your leadership style and evaluate how you are leading your team. We’ll look at what’s most effective and what’s ineffective regarding getting your team to the next level. Then, we’ll coach you on the best ways to get your team to achieve the results that you need them to achieve.  

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Client Praise

Jean is truly an expert in Lean Manufacturing and Agile, Leadership Coaching, and Team Development and Training. With her outstanding expertise, Jean has revolutionized operations by implementing Lean methodologies that have improved efficiency and profitability. Her leadership coaching and training expertise has catalyzed the development of high-performing teams. Without a doubt, Jean is a true asset to any organization looking to optimize its operations and achieve outstanding results.

Andrea V.

Vice President of Human Resources

Team Training

With decades of experience in training, coaching, and project management, we can provide custom training solutions for your organization’s operational needs. All of our training programs are based on your “next-level” needs and focus on the people in your organization so you can achieve long-lasting change by improving performance and processes. 

We’ve trained operational teams on their process improvement specifically focusing on things like project management, conflict resolution, and even strategic planning. No matter what your specific need, consider our popular Play Ball! training program designed for small teams.

During this training, teams learn a framework for innovation through creative problem-solving. More focused than team building sessions, this high-energy, interactive experience challenges teams to “up their game”! 

Play Ball! training outcomes:

  • Describe an agile framework for cross-functional process improvement. 
  • Identify how to use goal setting for results 
  • Explain how to use metrics for goal setting and evaluation 
  • Apply team collaboration skills 
  • Explain how visual management impacts team performance 
  • Have fun

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Play Ball!

Activity-based Team Performance Training
  • 1-hour discovery session to customize training to your specific improvement efforts.
  • Recommended for teams of 8-15 new to process improvement initiatives or for teams who are that need a boost in skills to reach the next performance level.
  • On-site, in-person live training with your organization’s team.Typically 3-4 hours with breaks. (Not a public training).
  • Includes time for the activity as well as applying the framework learned during the activity to current or upcoming initiatives.

Client Praise

Jean has a keen analytical mind that naturally converts her astute and thorough observations into actionable strategies for process and performance improvement. She is a patient and effective problem solver who avoids the quick fix in favor of more profound, systemic, strategies that result in meaningful– and sustainable– organizational development. Her trademark approach focuses on promoting a company-wide mindset in which each individual is invested and empowered to achieve operational excellence. 

JoAnne M.


Process Consulting

Do you know you have the right team in place because everything gets done how it’s supposed long as they’re there? These are called people-dependent processes and businesses cannot sustain themselves, let alone scale with them. At Opex Process Consulting, it’s important for us to make sure that you are never dependent on one person, including us. Therefore, our process consulting services are designed to position you for success no matter who is doing the job. We will ensure that we provide you with everything you need from identifying the problem and the correct solution to having the processes in place for sustaining growth and scaling when necessary. 

As a certified Process Improvement Specialist through Six Sigma Global Institute, we will:

  • Map and analyze your processes
  • Deliver on-site, x-functional, team-based work sessions to improve efficiency 
  • Formulate standard operating procedures
  • Develop sustainable solutions

To do these effectively, we will: 

  • Take insights from existing performance metrics
  • Identify and prioritize challenges
  • Locate untapped resources in your team

Ultimately, after working with us, you will:

  1. Improve quality
  2. Reduce costs
  3. Decrease space
  4. Increasing cash flow

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Download Our Process Improvement Model!

Download Our Process Improvement Model !

Fractional COO

Have you realized that despite whatever goal you attempt to achieve you always fall short? This is not uncommon when businesses are struggling operationally. Unfortunately, the reality is that most wait until it’s too late to hire someone to help. If your current team is not showing the results you need, it may be time to hire a Fractional Chief Operating Officer (COO). This person should come from outside of your organization so that they have a fresh perspective on how your business is operating and what can be done to prevent further problems. A Fractional COO serves as a visionary yet also helps you achieve your vision. They assist in putting the strategy in place to achieve the vision. 

When you work with OpEx Process Consulting, we can work as a COO in 2 ways:

  1. We can train or coach your Director of Operations so that they can take on the role of COO. 
  2.  We can fill the role of COO while coaching and training a team member or we if you don’t have anyone to be trained, we can serve in that role indefinitely or until you find a full-time COO.

No matter which is the better fit for your organization, overall you can expect a COO to:

  • Identify major operational hurdles
  • Measure and report imperative data
  • Identify gaps and opportunities based on gathered data
  • Provide strategic guidance
  • Increase cash flow
  • Improve teamwork and buy-in

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